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Writing with a  Budget in Mind

Has a producer ever asked you to lower the budget requirement for a screenplay?

If not, the day will come.

Learn to write and edit scripts to meet a producer's budget requirements

Workshop Description

Writing for a low (or at least not unnecessarily high) budget is more important than many writers realize. This workshop explains 16 surprising ways to make your existing or next script much more attractive to producers, investors and directors. 


Industry professionals always read scripts with a budget in mind. Quieting the cash register "cha-ching" in their heads takes the focus back to the story and puts them in a green-lighting kind of mood. (Better yet, as a writer who can write with a budget in mind, you may just become their new best friend!)


...or if you're planning to produce your own content, put your money to work wisely on elements that will elevate your project using tactics based on real-world experiences of a working screenwriter. 

This low cost - high value workshop could be the factor that helps you take your screenplay from "Great Script" to "Optioned and Produced!"

This Workshop is Over

Saturday, May 20th


2:00 - 3:30 pm

(Central Time)

Only $14.95

Your Instructor

Shelly Paino

Shelly Paino is a produced and award-winning screenwriter who has been writing for over twenty years, completing over 45 projects including feature scripts, shorts and pilots. She regularly writes on assignment for producers and directors and has a feature in post-production with Eric Roberts in a lead role, a series pilot in production, a feature in development and two produced short films. Notable awards include "Best Screenplay" at Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival in 2020 and Content Media Conference and Film Festival in both 2020 and 2021. She has worked on both major studio and independent sets, written film grant proposals, freelance blogs, articles and compiled and published an historical memoir currently for sale on Amazon.

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Shelly Paino

"I applaud the precision and quality of [Shelly's] writing. Each word is like a perfect stone in the wall of truth.

David Laserson, President

LCA Agency

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Writing With a
Budget in Mind

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