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Actors, Write Your Own
 Demo Reel Scripts 

If only there was a script written specifically for you… 

Don’t wait for the perfect script to come to you, write it yourself with the guidance of an award-winning screenwriter.

Learn to write your one-minute demo reel scenes

Workshop Description

In Jaclyn Whitt's 90-minute workshop, she’ll lead you through the process of determining your approach to your one-minute scene, how to capitalize on the resources you have on hand, and how to write to your strengths. Whether you’re an emerging actor who needs a reel to break in, or an actor who wants to broaden your range and opportunities, the One Minute Demo Scene workshop can get you the script you need to make it all happen. Make your minute memorable. (Write three one minute scenes to create your three minute demo reel.)

VIP Option

The VIP option includes the “One Minute Demo Scene” workshop PLUS a follow-up small group mentorship session with Jaclyn. Bring up to three one-minute scripts and receive professional feedback. Strengthen and tighten your scenes before you take them to set.

Date and Time

April 18, 2024


5:00 pm EST

Only $47
VIP With Mentoring:
Only $79

Your Instructor

Jaclyn Whitt

Jaclyn Whitt is a multi-award winning screenwriter in both short and long format, garnering 10 first-place awards in National and International screenwriting competitions. As a script consultant, screenwriters seek out her input during their editing process to strengthen their characters and storylines and tighten their scripts. Producers have sent other screenwriters to Jaclyn to help improve, focus, and re-write their screenplays. Her realistic dialogue, unique characters, and non-verbal communication within scripts have been frequently noted and praised. Jaclyn has three feature films and a sitcom currently in pre-production.

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Jaclyn Whitt’s 4-Pages technique helped me design the acts in my story and connect them within minutes. Before I used it, I was really struggling to figure out what to do, but now I have an extremely clear understanding of my plan and can move straight ahead to writing it. It is the fastest and most effective technique that I’ve ever used.

Jason Keeley 


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Write Your Own
 Demo Reel Scripts 

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