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Take your script to the next level with the fundamentals of funny for the right laughs at the right times. 


Got a sci-fi movie in need of levity? Wrote a melodrama that could use a light touch? A rom com heavy on the rom and begging for some com? Or, do you have a story that simply needs to be the best it can be? I bet you do! And the truth is: If you’re not harnessing the power of character-driven laughter in your screenplay, you are throwing the toddler into the toilet water. Or whatever the kids say these days. 


I mean seriously: your script needs to lighten up! Laughter really is the best (narrative) medicine and as storytellers we must be able (and willing) to “find the funny”, no matter the genre or tone. Could be a slapstick romp or a psychological thriller. Whether your story needs 3000 laughs or just 3, comedy is a necessary tool. As the legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder would say: "A film without humor is dead."

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Come bring your script to life!


In this 6-week intensive screenwriting course you will learn the ultimate trick to the Art of Comedy: finding the funny deep inside your characters as well as inside your natural, true voice.

This is an interactive course. It is small class where you will get to workshop your ideas in the sessions, get feedback, and ask questions

BRING YOUR WRITING to work on. Whether it's a full draft, a scene, an outline, pages, whatever you have. Get direct and real time feedback! Bring a feature, a pilot, or a few shorts, and this class will whip them into hilarious shape. Practical application with hand-ons workshopping of YOUR OWN WORDS. By the end of the full course your script will have a brand new draft. 


All sessions will be recorded and will be available for one month after the course ends. You will be a part of a private group on our website where you can watch the video replays, ask questions, get feedback, and enter discussions on the workshop content.

Come as you are and leave being laughed at… In a good way! 

Limited to 10 students Max. Reserve your spot now!

Six Saturdays

(2-Hour Classes)

Cost $497.00

A limited number of Scholarships are available, covering a portion of the registration fee.

Scholarship Application Here

Class Calendar


We will let you know as soon as we have dates for the next class


Your Instructor

MarkStewartIverson - MSI FILMS - Headshot_edited.jpg
Mark Stewart Iverson

Upon graduating cum laude from UCLA Film School, Mark Stewart Iverson co-created, co-wrote and co-directed Hulu's former #1 web series Dorm Life. The hit comedy show racked up three Webby Awards, two Streamy nominations and two W3 Gold Awards. After a spiritual transformation, Mark founded MSI Films with the production of his original screenplay, the award-winning For Prophet, marking his feature directorial debut. Mark currently serves as the Creative Producer for the sustainability docu-series Rivers are Life (The Weather Channel) having produced 16 episodes in 8 countries across 5 continents.  


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Thank you your interest! We are looking forward to working with you, and will contact you as soon as we have dates for the next workshop series. You will receive a confirmation email after you complete your submission, and you will be added to our mailing list. We will send reminders and instructions as classes approach, as well as updates about future events. When classes begin, you will be part of a class group at where you will be able to log in to ask questions, watch video replays, and participate in discussions with other members. Have fun as we learn and grow together!

Thank You For Submitting!

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