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Female Script Consultants hands typing Script Notes on laptop

Script Notes

Script Notes offer specific insights and direction throughout

your script. Scene by scene, you will receive feedback on characters, structure, formatting, plot, and more, right on the pages of your script. As well, you’ll receive one to three paragraphs with some final thoughts and direction.


Script Notes                                          $247 


Script Notes Follow-up Conversation    $125 / Hour 
   (Phone, or Zoom)

Professional Script Services

So you've finished your first draft... or maybe your tenth? You feel you need help to get it to the next level? A Professional Script Consultant can fast-track your progress by identifying what your script needs to get there, and giving you suggestions to make it work!

Script Notes

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching allows writers to have a coach during their rewrite. Whatever your script editing need is, with a coach, you can ask questions, explain your intentions for the scene and receive feedback and direction on how best to achieve it, as well as make changes to your script, in real time.


Short (up to 30 pages)

  • Pre-read                                          $  30

  • Zoom Consult / Editing Session      $125 / Hour


Feature (up to 125 pages)

  • Pre-read                                                $  60

  • Zoom Consult / Editing Session            $125 / Hour

African American male doing personal coaching online with a script consultant
Persnal Coaching
Ghost Rewrite
Script wraped in a bow -   Ghost Rewrite by a script consultant

Next Draft Ghost Revision

Get fresh eyes on your project from a professional writer with an objective view . On the submission form, you can state your desired focus, if any; improving dialogue, drawing out the theme within meaningful moments, increasing conflict, as well as cutting pages, cutting characters, lowering the budget requirement, etc. In the end, take what you want, leave what you don’t. It is still your script; you have not added a writer to the credits.


Ghost Rewrite (Features only)             Request a Quote

Note: Only scripts with a solid story structure qualify for this service. If the plot and story structure need work, you will receive script notes instead and pay accordingly.

A Professional Script Consultation
can identify problems and help you with the following... and more!


◉  Scene Tightening - Keep your story focussed and moving forward. Cut your page count and give the reader a smooth, fast read of your script.

◉  Structural Integrity - If your act breaks happen in the wrong place or you end up lost in the weeds in act two, your script is lacking in structural integrity. 

◉  Increasing Conflict - Conflict is what drives a story. If there aren’t enough relevant challenges for your character to deal with, the script will drag and the audience won’t know where it’s going or why they should be invested in the outcome. However, adding contrived conflict is often cheesy, and will not impress the reader. We can offer feedback, ideas, and solutions regarding conflict.

◉  Cohesion and Clarification - If your script goes in too many directions, is constantly introducing new characters, or addresses too many themes, then it's missing cohesion and clarification. 


◉  Dialogue Enhancement - Make your characters more interesting by giving them unique voices. Improve script flow by cutting out unnecessary dialogue. Strengthen the bond between the reader and the characters by creating vulnerability through dialogue.


  Combining/Cutting Characters - Too many characters can become a muddy read and be expensive during production. We can help you prioritize, in order to combine or cut characters during your next rewrite and keep your story focussed.

◉  Cutting Pages - If you’ve tightened your scenes and still need to lower your page count, getting fresh eyes - not emotionally attached to your project  - can help you 

know what's truly important to the story, and what's not.

◉  Adjusting Budget Requirement - Sometimes, reworking your script to fit a budget is all it needs in order to get made. Edit your amazing story to work for a smaller budget.

In my experience in this industry I have rarely found a writer as knowledgeable, driven and talented as Jaclyn.  She pushes herself and those she works with to constantly learn, innovate and improve which I greatly admire and feel is needed in every area of filmmaking, especially screenwriting.  She has an innate instinct for what makes a good story and her writing has the ability to surprise the audience and evoke emotion.  I have always appreciated her honesty and passion.

Shelly Paino 

Award Winning Writer


We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone, Email, or Chat

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