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Faith & Family
Screenwriting Academy

Improve Your Writing  • Polish Your Script  •  Prepare For Success

Without feedback and coaching, your scripts will only go so far. Refine your writing with FFSA and be amazed to see your screenplays 

get more attention from contests, festivals and producers.

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Step One: Get Feedback and Learn with Your Peers
Step Two: Get Training and Coaching with Professionals
Step Three: Rewrite and Watch Your Scripts Succeed
What is "Family Friendly"?
Let's face it. These days, what is considered Family Friendly for some is not Family Friendly for others 
Here at Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy, "Family Friendly" doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be for kids, or even a movie that the whole family would want to watch together. It might be written for adults and deal with some gritty realities of life, but a good writer can portray this without profanity, nudity and sexual content.  For us, "Family Friendly" is related to traditional family values and decency -  sometimes, but not necessarily, including elements of faith.
There is a growing demand for this kind of content!

What We Offer

Our Story

Screenwriters often don't get the results they were hoping for from a script but don't know how to fix it, leaving them confused or frustrated.


FFSA helps you get affordable feedback from other writers, and actionable techniques from professional instructors that you can immediately use to refine your script, increase your writing skill, and advance your career!


We Believe Every Screenwriter Deserves
the Opportunity to Reach Their Full Potential


We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone, Email, or Chat

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