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Do you have a great movie idea? A creative mind? Would you like to explore screenwriting as a potential path for your future? In this 8 month educational program, you will learn how to structure your ideas, write your feature length screenplay, edit and rewrite... all in an interactive class with feedback and mentorship from an Award Winning Screenwriter.

 Welcome to Screenwriting for Teens!

Course Description

In this Screenwriting Program, You won't just learn the "how to" as you would from a text book. For homework, you will work on your own story idea, applying what you learn to your own script. You'll also get feedback from your instructor and classmates along the way. The private class group on our website is where you can watch the video replays, ask questions, get feedback on your homework, and interact with your classmates.

This course is suggested for ages 15 - 25 as the content and course work is at a high school level. For students who need additional information in order to get school credit for this course, please submit your specific questions and/or request a meeting.

Learning Outcomes

Idea formulation and specification:

  • Develop “Major Dramatic Question”

  • Write 3 versions of the logline

  • Title

  • Genre

  • Audience


Character Development:

  • List character traits for all important characters

  • Determine specific flaw for story arc

  • Develop the adversary

  • Exposure to various character mapping techniques


Story Structure Development:

  • Terminology of various screenplay structure elements

  • Breakdown of the 3 act story structure in film

  • Exposure to various techniques to create story plotting

  • Screenplay plotting process


Screenplay Formatting

  • Terminology

  • Rules

  • “How to write” character introductions, dialogue, scene headings, scenes, etc.

Writing the screenplay:

  • 10 - 20 pages / week (page count goal is 60-100)

  • Q and A during class

  • Dealing with writer’s block

  • The value of writer’s groups

  • In class script coaching included (private script coaching available for hire)

Beyond the First Draft…


Assessing the bones

  • Highlighting technique

  • Interweaving


Diving back in for a rewrite

  • Cutting

  • Connecting

  • Deepening

  • Focussing

  • Polishing


Peer Review

  • Learn to Analyze scripts and give constructive feedback

  • Exchange your script with other students. Give feedback on 2 other scripts and get feedback on yours


Assessing Feedback

  • Were they right?

  • Did you miss the setup?

  • How to fix it.


Diving back in for a rewrite

  • Address feedback

  • Tightening

  • Polishing

Eight Month Course Starting October 3rd

  • Tuesdays - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

(2 Hour Classes)

Cost $799.00

Four Payments

$149  -  Registration

$250  -  October 1

$200  -  November 1

$200  -  December 1

Save 5%


One Time Payment

Family Discount: Additional students 
(siblings) living in the same household  Less 10%

Group Discount: Reserve the class (or schedule an additional class) for up to 25 students at a discounted rate.
Contact us for more information.

Class Calendar

Oct.  3   First Class

Oct. 10

Oct. 17

Oct. 24

Oct. 31

Nov.  7

Nov. 14

Nov. 21

Nov. 28

Dec.  5

Dec. 12

Dec. 19

Dec. 26  Winter

Jan.   2   Break

Jan.  9

Jan. 16

Jan. 23

Jan. 30

Feb.  6

Feb. 13

Feb. 20

Feb. 27

Mar.  5

Mar. 12

Mar. 19

Mar. 26

Apr.  2  Spring Break

Apr.   9

Apr. 16

Apr. 23

Apr. 30

May  7

May 14

May 21  Final Class


Your Instructor

Jaclyn Whitt

Jaclyn Whitt is a multi-award winning screenwriter in both short and long format, garnering 10 first-place awards in National and International screenwriting competitions. As a script consultant, screenwriters seek out her input during their editing process to strengthen their characters and storylines and tighten their scripts. Producers have sent other screenwriters to Jaclyn to help improve, focus, and re-write their screenplays. Her realistic dialogue, unique characters, and non-verbal communication within scripts have been frequently noted and praised. Jaclyn is an optioned writer with three feature films and a sitcom currently in pre-production.

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Jaclyn Whitt’s 4-Pages technique helped me design the acts in my story and connect them within minutes. Before I used it, I was really struggling to figure out what to do, but now I have an extremely clear understanding of my plan and can move straight ahead to writing it. It is the fastest and most effective technique that I’ve ever used.

Jason Keeley 

Teen Actor 

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Thank you for enrolling. We are looking forward to working with you! You will receive a confirmation email after you complete your submission. You will be added to our mailing list and we will send reminders and instructions as the classes approach. You will be added to a group at, where you will be able to log in to ask questions, watch video replays, get help with your homework and participate in discussions with other members. Have fun as we learn and grow together!

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