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Peer Review Festival

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Faith and Family Peer Review Screenwriting Festival

  • By submitting to our festival, you are agreeing to our Rules and Terms.

  • This Festival has unique Participation Requirements. You must acknowledge that you understand them.

  • Be sure that your submission's title page does not have the writer's name(s) or contact information.

  • You can only submit one script per submission form. If you wish to submit a second script, please return to this page after your submission is finished, and complete a second form.

Submission Form

Festival Season



Dates and Fees

●  October 15, 2023

    Submissions Open

●  November 30, 2023

    Super-Earlybird Deadline

    ■ Shorts                $39.90

    ■ Pilots                  $44.90

    ■ Features             $49.90

●  December 31, 2023

    Earlybird Deadline

    ■ Shorts                $44.90

    ■ Pilots                  $49.90 

    ■ Features.           $54.90

●  February 15, 2024

    Regular Deadline

    ■ Shorts                $49.90

    ■ Pilots                  $54.90 

    ■ Features.            $59.90

●  March 25, 2024

    Extended (final) Deadline

    ■ Shorts                $54.90

    ■ Pilots                  $59.90 

    ■ Features.            $64.90

●  April 1 - 22, 2024

    Reading and Feedback

●  May 5, 2024

    Festival Date

    Bonus Bootcamp

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Thank you for participating. We are looking forward to working with you!

You will receive a confirmation email after you complete your submission, and we will regularly keep you updated regarding the process. You will be added to a group at, where you will be able to log in to ask questions, find updates and guidance, and participate in discussions with other members. Have fun as we learn and grow together!

Thank You For Submitting!

  Prices in USD

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