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Rules and Terms

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Here's what the Faith and Family Peer Review Screenwriting Festival is all about; what you can expect from it and what will be expected of you.

In the submission process, you will need to attest that you have read, understand, and agree to the Rules and Terms. 

Festival Overvew

Festival Overview

  • Each screenplay you enter will be read and critiqued by three other writers.    

  • By submitting your script, you agree to review and provide thoughtful, constructive feedback on three other writers' scripts.

  • After the final entry deadline, each participant will complete a feedback form for scripts that are assigned to them, ensuring the review is constructive and helpful. Contestants will give (and receive) specific feedback on things like Title, Plot, Character Arcs, Structure, Dialogue, Uniqueness, Formatting and more! Reviewers must demonstrate that the scripts were thoroughly read and thoughtfully critiqued. 

  • During the Faith and Family Screenwriting Bootcamp, all participants will have access to three live-online screenwriting workshops on targeted elements of screenwriting. Learn actionable techniques that you can immediately apply to your scripts.

  • Peer Favorite winners will be announced and awards distributed, and you will receive the feedback on your script(s). You will only receive your report cards if you have completed your three assigned reviews

  • FFPRSF will maintain communication, providing updates and guidance throughout the process.        

Benefits and Prizes

Benefits and Prizes

Benefits - All Participants

  • Network with other writers in the Faith and Family genre.

  • Learn and improve before spending money on more expensive screenwriting contests, professional coverage or a script consultant.

  • Get valuable feedback and insights from 3 other writers within your genre - both positive and constructive insights will help you know what’s working and what may need “fixing”.

  • Get direction to improve your scripts and get them ready to pitch to producers and/or other competitions and festivals.

  • Read other scripts and give feedback - increase your capacity to objectively recognize strengths and weaknesses (a skill you can later apply to your own writing).

  • FREE ADMISSION to our Family Friendly Screenwriting Bootcamp which includes 3 screenwriting workshops with professional instructors - learn actionable and immediately applicable techniques.

  • Laurels - Winners will be announced as "Peer Favorite" for the following:

    • Most interesting Premise

    • Best Title

    • Best Dialogue

    • Most Memorable Characters

    • Best Character Arc

    • Most Compelling Villain

    • Most Valuable Feedback

  • Laurel - “Best Screenplay”

  • One-hour Zoom  meeting with a script-polishing consultant

Winner - Best Screenplay  


All of the benefits of participation, plus:

All of the benefits of participation, plus:

Required Participation

  • Participants understand that they will only receive feedback on their work IF they submit theirassigned script reviews, according to the Report Card guidelines, within the review period.Should a participant fail to complete their assigned script reviews, they will forfeit receipt of the script reviews for their own submission(s) and they will receive no refund or compensation. They may still attend the Screenwriting Bootcamp.

If you want to RECEIVE quality, constructive feedback on your work,

you must be willing to commit the necessary time to

GIVE quality, constructive feedback.

Who Can Submit

  • All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Entrants may reside anywhere in the world, however:

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST COMMUNICATE IN FLUENT ENGLISH in order to benefit from this program, and for other participants to benefit from your input.

  • Persons associated with FFPRSF - including directors, employees, family members, sponsors and others, may participate in the peer review process, but are NOT eligible for any contest elements, laurels or prizes.

Eligible Scripts

  • Profanity, nudity, or sexual content will exclude the script from advancing

  • All submissions must be in English (The script may contain minimal dialogue in other languages, but must have the English translation written in the script).

  • Scripts must be within the following guidelines: 

    • Shorts: up to 45 pages;

    • TV Pilots: up to 70 pages;

    • Features: up to 125 pages.

  • Previously submitted scripts may be resubmitted (with submission fee) to subsequent seasons. Award winning scripts may also be resubmitted, but are not eligible to win the same award.

  • Participants may submit more than one screenplay (up to a maximum of two), but each must be submitted separately with their applicable fee. The participant agrees to review 3 other scripts PER ENTRY (that means 6 script reviews for two entries).

Intellectual Property

  • All entries must be original work for which the entrant owns the rights.

  • It is recommended that your original material be copyrighted. COPYRIGHT IS ENTIRELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SUBMITTER.

  • Writers retain all rights to their own work.

  • Award Winners give permission to FFPRSF and its sponsors to use their Name, Script Title, and  images (if provided) for promotional purposes.

Submission Requirements

  • Screenplay submissions must be formatted in the industry standard screenplay format, and submitted as a digital PDF. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines may be disqualified at the Festival's sole discretion, and no refunds will be issued.

  • Scripts must include a title page WITHOUT writers name(s).

  • It will not be possible to update or change your file after the final deadline. Please proofread your script, and double check your PDF before uploading.

  • The Festival will communicate with participants via the email address provided. The participant is responsible to provide a correctly spelled email address, and maintain an active email account.

  • Upon submission, your email address will be added to the contest database as well as the Family Friendly Screenwriters database for updates, future contest promotions, offers and other notifications. You will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Deadlines and Fees

  • Entries must be submitted along with the submission fees, on or before the deadline date. 

  • Participants may submit up to two entries. Each Script must be submitted separately with their applicable fee. By entering, you agree to review 3 other scripts PER ENTRY

  • Promotional discounts (if any) must be applied at the time of submission, and no refunds will be issued after submission and payment.

  • FFPRSF reserves the right to increase or decrease fees at any time, and extend or change closing dates, announcement dates or event dates as necessary, at its sole discretion.

Find Current Deadlines and Fees Here


  • The decisions and judgements of the FFPRSF are final and cannot be disputed.

  • It is FFPRSF's intention to fulfill all prizes as posted. However, we reserve the right to update the prize packages or make substitutions at any time if circumstances warrant, at our sole discretion.

  • FFPRSF reserves the right to amend or add to the rules at any time, and to rule on  situations and concerns not foreseen by these terms, at its sole discretion.

  • FFPRSF does not issue refunds on submission fees.


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, or chat

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