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Laptop usen for Screenwriting Competition

Get Feedback and Attend Screenwriting Classes

Screenwriters often don't get the results they were hoping for from a script but don't know how to fix it, leaving them confused or frustrated.


FFPRSF offers you affordable feedback from other writers and actionable techniques from professional instructors that you can immediately use to refine your script, increase your skill level, and advance your career!

Families in Theatre watching Screenwriting Awards

Get Your Script Noticed

Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy wants to find the best of the best of unproduced screenplays in the faith based and family friendly genres.

FESTIVAL GOAL: To find and showcase quality writing; to raise the standard of scriptwriting in the Family Friendly film genre, and help launch and advance screenwriting careers...because we believe every screenwriter should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We are here to assist. Contact us by Phone, Email, or Chat

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