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V.C. Rhone

April 30, 2023

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Family Friendly Screenwriting Bootcamp

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James D. Creviston

Origin Story

Learn who your characters are. Unlock their deepest secrets and flaws. Allow them to reveal story elements that will make the writing process flow more easily. The Origin Story Masterclass will empower you to create believable characters and construct scenes or literary pages with emotional depth and range. By spending time on character development and discovering your character's origin story before writing, you will create complex characters readers and viewers will love, or love to hate!

V.C. Rhone is a produced writer, published author, and multi-format director and producer, as well as director and programmer for several film festivals; some have been featured in the Los Angeles Times. V.C. is an NBC Universal TV Comedy Writers Finalist and has worked with Primetime Emmy Nominee, Jim O’Doherty and Academy member, Leah Daniels Butler. She is often sought out as a script analyst by writers, producers, and casting directors, with many of her clients going on to option or sell their works. V.C. is managed by GLM and repped by The Buchwald Agency with several projects in development.

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Kevyn Basore

Trevor L. Smith

The EEEEasy Approach to
Mastering Rewrites

It is often said that rewrites are not a sign of a bad script, but of a good writer. In this rewriting masterclass, you will learn a professional EEEEasy Approach process for rewriting and polishing your screenplays, to ensure that your work takes on a life of its own when you send it out, and actors, industry execs, production companies, agents, and managers actively pursue YOU after reading your screenplays.

Trevor L. Smith has been writing, directing, producing, and educating people in creative and performing arts for over 20 years. His original written and visual works have been shown in theaters, secured domestic and international distribution, carried by Netflix and Blockbuster, and his projects have been film festival nominees and award-winners for technical and performance excellence. Trevor is an author, produced screenwriter, award-winning filmmaker, and creator of the EEEEasy Approach to GREAT Storytelling and Screenwriting. He is the founder of Legacy Street Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creative and performing arts school and wellness center.

Jaclyn Whitt
Jaclyn Whitt, Screenwriting Consultant and Screenwriting contests

Jaclyn Whitt

Dialogue and Scenes

Have you been told that your story drags? Is your dialogue boring? Scenes too long? Learning some tips for writing dialogue can help you to improve the script's flow, create unique voices, and tighten those scenes. In this class, you’ll learn some editing techniques for writing compelling dialogue as well as see a demonstration in real time of how to tighten a scene during a rewrite.

Jaclyn Whitt is a multi-award winner in both short and long format, garnering 8 first-place awards in National and International screenwriting competitions. As a script consultant, screenwriters seek out her input during their editing process to strengthen their characters and storylines and tighten their scripts. Producers have sent other screenwriters to Jaclyn to help improve, focus, and re-write their screenplays. Her realistic dialogue, unique characters, and non-verbal communication within scripts have been frequently noted and praised. Jaclyn has two feature films currently in pre-production.

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