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Screenwriting Bootcamp

Sometimes, screenwriting classes are too general or too basic and you feel like you've wasted your time and money.

FFSA's one day, live-online Screenwriting Bootcamp gives you three live-online workshops with screenwriting techniques that you can use to improve your writing, and industry knowledge valuable to your writing career.

Take a giant leap as a writer in one day!

Step One: Register today for the Screenwriters Bootcamp
Step Two: Learn skills you can immediately apply to your scripts
Step Three: Rewrite and Watch Your Scripts Succeed
Workshop 1


Winter Bootcamp

January  28, 2024

Only $59.90
  • Three 90 minute workshops

  • Workshops are at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm eastern time 

  • Video replays will be available for one month after the bootcamp

  • All registrants will have access to log in, watch the videos, ask questions and enter into discussions about the workshops in the class group on our website.

Workshops and Instructors

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George Escobar 

How and Why Proper
Screenplay Formatting Matters

Proper screenplay formatting provides the essential blueprint for a film production. It conveys critical information like scene settings, actions, and dialogue that allow the creative team to visualize the story during pre-production. The precise descriptions aid planning and budgeting, while stage directions give actors a sense of their character's emotions and motivations. Formatting standards like scene headings, action lines, and character names also distinguish between essential story information and direction. This gives the director creative latitude to interpret the screenwriter's vision. Overall, a well-formatted screenplay empowers each member of the filmmaking process to contribute their vital perspective.

(90 minute workshop. 1:00 pm ET)

George Escobar is an award-winning writer, director, and producer of seven faith-based feature films and over a dozen documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated “Alone Yet Not Alone.” His films like “Come What May” and “The World We Make” have been distributed by Sony, Amazon Prime, Netflix, PureFlix, and others. A multiple award-winning screenwriter, Escobar sees opportunities to develop content that positively impacts families. He has taught over 3,500 students in filmmaking from a Christian perspective. Escobar has worked with top Hollywood executives and talent over his 25-year media career, including a stint at the American Film Institute, and recently served as Executive Producer at Focus on the Family. He is currently developing two new features - “Missileman” with producer Terry Rossio and “Trapped: The Story of Anita Dittman.”

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Workshop 2
Alexandra Boylan_edited.png
 Alexandra Boylan

Create Your own Career in Hollywood (or anywhere)

Alexandra Boylan has gone from a struggling actress to an award winning filmmaker. She has created eight feature films from conception to completion, landing distribution deals with Netflix, Hulu, Universal Studios, Vertical Entertainment and many more. This class will cover everything from screenwriting, to production to securing distribution for your film. We will discuss:

  • How to write (or find) a sellable screenplay

  • The Art of Pitching

  • The importance of Poster Artwork, Trailers and the first ten minutes of your movie.

  • Distribution

In an ever changing landscape of the film industry this class is essential to secure your own career and control your projects, from start to finish.

Don’t wait for someone else to make your dreams happen. Make them happen yourself. With the hard-won knowledge from this class, you can be the master of your own creative destiny!

(90 minute workshop. 4:00 pm ET)

Alexandra Boylan is a dynamic award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and actress who has been trailblazing through Hollywood for nearly two decades. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Boylan is known for her fearless pursuit of meaningful content. In addition to her numerous acting credits, Alexandra co-created The Boylan Sisters Production Company, a successful film studio that focuses on faith-based, family-friendly content. Their first feature-length film, Catching Faith, streamed on Netflix for two years and has spawned a sequel, as well as paved the way for other critically acclaimed movies such as The Greatest Inheritance and Switched. Their latest venture, Identity Crisis, also serves as the basis for a YA novel, which she co-authored with her sister and business partner Andrea. Alexandra has previously published the widely regarded how-to guide entitled “Create Your Own Career in Hollywood: Advice from a Struggling Actress Who Became a Successful Producer” and is an active member of Influence Woman and Women in Film Los Angeles.

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Alexandra Boylan Book.jpeg
Workshop 3

Script Reader Panel

What do industry professionals look for in a screenplay? How do you write to grab their attention? What do you need to avoid so you don't sabotage your own success? Our panel of actors, producers, directors, and festival readers will share the inside scoop on what they look for and what they pass on.

(90 minute workshop. 7:00 pm ET)

Brandon Richardson

What Does a reader look for in your script?


Brandon Richardson is a certified professional Script Reader and has read for:

  • Houston International WorldFest Film Festival

  • WildSound Film Festival

  • Big Apple Film Festival,
    New York City

  • Zoodiker Writing and Editing Los Angeles


Brandon provides script coverage and has the ability to analyze screenplays in depth from themes, dialogue, plot/story points, character developments, etc. He loves to work with writers, studios, and executives to really bring these stories to life!

MarkStewartIverson - MSI FILMS - Headshot_edited.jpg
Mark Stewart Iverson

What does a Director look for in your script?


Upon graduating cum laude from UCLA Film School, Mark Stewart Iverson co-created, co-wrote and co-directed Hulu's former #1 web series Dorm Life. The hit comedy show racked up three Webby Awards, two Streamy nominations and two W3 Gold Awards. After a spiritual transformation, Mark founded MSI Films with the production of his original screenplay, the award-winning For Prophet, marking his feature directorial debut. Mark currently serves as the Creative Producer for the sustainability docu-series Rivers are Life (The Weather Channel) having produced 16 episodes in 8 countries across 5 continents.

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C.C. Rhone Instructor Image
VC Rhone

What Does a Producer look for in your script?


V.C. Rhone is a produced writer, a published author, and multi-format director and producer with extensive background in narrative shorts, documentaries, web series, docuseries, as well as curating and programming several film festivals. She is often sought out as a script analyst and consultant by writers, producers, and casting directors, with many of her clients going on to option or sell their works, as well as receive multiple awards. V.C. is managed by GLM and has several projects currently in development.  

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Gigi Orsillo

What does an actor look for in your script?

Since appearing in the spy comedy Sleeper Agent (2020), Gigi Orsillo has quickly made her mark in faith-based films. Family Camp (2022), was her theatrical debut, alongside Disney star Leigh Allyn Baker and "The Skit Guys" Tommy Woodard and Eddie James. Gigi was also featured in Running the Bases (2022), Pulled from Darkness (2022) and The Happy Camper (2022).


A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Gigi was raised by parents in the film business. At two years old, she starred in a Christmas commercial for a local mall that aired almost 20 years. She went on to work steadily in television and film, including both hosting and acting roles, before finding her true calling in the faith-based space.

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Take a Giant Leap as a Writer in One Day!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

It was an absolute pleasure learning from all 3 of you! I count myself overly blessed to have been able to attend!  I am a very busy woman. Between family, creating and directing for television, performing comedy, and everything else, I don't have time for a 6 week-long training program. That's why I love your bootcamp! 3 master classes, from industry professionals that can help anyone up their game regardless of their writing level! 

Deann Alaine

Comedian / Producer / Director


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